Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Parenting magazines

Is it wrong that I don't find a lot to relate to in parent magazines? Even worse, that I rather read my Marie Claire, Newsweek, and yes, the ocassional US Magazine, rather than reading about how to get your kid to stop picking his/her nose? It started during my pregnancy. I thought magazines and baby books would get me ready for motherhood (ha,ha!). That for some reason they would be my guide and that my hormones would crave mommy information.

So I read my first parenting magazine and found myself checking out the cool stuff I could buy, rather than the insightful tips about how to eat healthy while your expecting. I guess my hormones were craving candy more than info.

Now, I've tried reading them so that I can be part of the Mommy Club at Gymboree, but I just don't see myself fingerpainting with whip cream with my 10 month old, unless a teacher makes me.

I thought when she was born, I would love the mommy literature. People told me I would become a whole different person. And I have, but my brain still likes the same stuff it used to. When she's asleep, I want to read a book, a novel, something that has nothing to do with her age appropriate development or baby proofing the house.

I want to check the fashions on skanky Hollywood starlets, rather than on toddlers. Actually, I think mom's like us deserve those 5 minutes of good reading before exhaustion takes over and we pass out for the night.

So if you are reading this and wish to share some good, non Mommy reading, by all means, feel free. It doesn't have to be Joyce, Hemingway or Kafka. I was a Cliff Note reader in high school so keep it simple.

Ay Mama!

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