Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy freaking Birthday to me!

It's 3:48 AM on my 34th birthday. No, I'm not back from a night of partying or passionate love making. Nope, I'm sitting on my couch listening to my 10 month old scream her ass off in anger. For the last three nights, Amelia has been getting up in the middle of the night due to teething. I shouldn't say the middle of the night, it's more like, an hour before I have to get up for work. Talk about being physically connected to me.

The first 2 nights, I gave her Tylenol, teething cream for her gums (the homeopathic one, not the one you all sent an email about her choking to death if I will, even though I loved that cream), 4 oz of formula and rocked my baby to calmness. I would put her down awake and she would go back to sleep.  

But last night, it took 2 attempts to put her down and I realized that, more than pain, Amelia just wanted to be rocked to sleep.  I habit that took sleepless nights for the three of us to break.

So since my birthday is today, Steve was going to take care of the baby if she woke up.  But call me a first time mom,  I can't sleep through her crying.  I could when she was a newborn because I knew after the feeding, she would be out, and frankly the crying was a lot lower. Now, I just don't know what's wrong and the girl is as loud as her Mama.  Plus, we live in a 2 bedroom apartment so sound travels quicker. 

My husband followed his already flawed routine. Changed her diaper, which I swear wakes her up more.  She's wearing an overnight diaper that doubles her pipi capacity, why in God's name would you expose her bare butt to the cold night to changer her.  

I forgot to tell you we change her on our bed, so the kid immediately perked up when she saw me. So much for sleeping through it.  Even Steve called it a bad move.  But after that, he gave her Tylenol, gum cream and put her ass down.  I totally understand why he did that; she was sleepy and ready to go back down.

She on the other hand, was not happy about Daddy's move. So it's 4AM and we have been listening to her crying for about 3o minutes.  Before you call DCFS on me, read Dr. Wissebluth's books and the Baby Whisperer books.  That's what we have followed. 

We monitor her every move on the video monitor and have seen her ready to fall asleep twice.  But the girl is resilient.  Has been since the day she was born.  She hates falling asleep and had finally nailed it down right before three teeth decided to ruin her nights, and ours.

So here I am, watching Olympic diving on the sofa, next to my husband and praying the neighbors can't here her. Hoping we are doing the right thing and that the Tylenol kicks in soon. Ay Mama!

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