Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It hapenned faster than I thought

Yep, I'm there! Exactly where I said I would never be. After trying to squeeze the car seat, the baby and my six foot tall husband into a 2002 Jetta, I have sucumbed to the SUV. AHHHH! I am the typical mom driving the larger than life car and choosing it for it's gas efficiency

It's not a huge SUV but it's enough for a woman who has never driven anything bigger than a four door car. I think your car should match your size and according to my lovely husband, I'm a punny girl. I love him for that since back in Puerto Rico, I was not considered pettite at all. So I love punny!

So now that I'm driving the Mom Car, Amelia is getting used to my music. That is what I call compromise. I'll have the motherly car but I draw the line at the baby tunes...for now at least.

But I ask, if I had to let go of my sassy, sexy red Jetta, what is next? My city living??? Well, kind of, since we are trading our downtown digs for a more residential street close to a Target and a supermarket. I have a feeling one day... I'm going to want...a house...with... a yard. If you suggest the suburbs, I will hunt you down. Ay Mama!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Mamacita! Your excperiences sound very familiar. I am glad to hear you are having a blast with little I always say Motherhood is a honor and a blessing! :) Enjoy every minute.