Friday, July 11, 2008

Crust on my shirt

A friend of mine told me I would never have clean clothes again after having a baby. Lord knows I have tried to avoid becoming a stereotype, but here I am, with cookie crust on my shirt at work.

So far, every time I would catch some kind of stain from my little one on my clothing I would immediately change. Actually, I avoid picking her up with any of my nice, work clothes on. I wear my battle outfits around her, usually sweats. (yes, another stereotype). But, it's Friday morning at 5AM. Our seven AM producer already called to tell me that she can't find the tape of what airs in about two hours, so cookie on my shirt is the least of my worries.
Besides, I'm wearing a beige shirt and the cookie crust blends well. By the way, I love that the girl can eat a cookie, but do we need the cookie puree all over her mouth, shirt, pants, and carpet. I know we have to go through it, but my husband and I can't stand the mushy combination of food and drool. Poop we can deal with, spit up, no problem. Mushy cookie makes us gag.

To top it all off, Amelia rubbed her mushy cookie hands all over my legs yesterday and had a blast. I guess, I have to be thankful it was only my shirt that ended up with cookie crust.
So if you ever watch Around Town and you see some foreign speck on my blouse, now you know, the baby is eating solids.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Nasty, rude traveler and she wasn't in diapers

I was her at some point. But never, ever would I have been as rude and unsympathetic as the woman I encountered on the plane on our way back from Ft. Lauderdale. She saw us come in with our nine month old and could not contain herself. As I told a passenger who had mistakenly sat on my seat that he probably didn't want to travel next to our rowdy infant, she said as she stared right at us "oh good, sit her as close to the window and as far away from me as possible!"
I was not talking to her, I didn't even look at her. But she felt the need to tell us how much she hated the fact that there was going to be a baby traveling on the opposite row to her. Not even right behind her.

But that wasn't enough for this sharp looking middle aged business woman. Every time Amelia would make a peep, (And she is my daughter, so she is loud and happy), this lady would look back and stare disapprovingly at my child. So by the second dirty look at my baby, I had enough. So I told her, "I'm sorry ma'm . This is how it's going to be the entire trio". And the woman had the gall to reply, "I know, I'm looking forward to it". To what my motherly tigress instinct answer, "then you should find someone to switch seats with you".

The passengers right in front of me and behind me told me not to worry about it. But I wanted to cry with anger. If she wasn't looking forward to traveling with my nine month old, neither was I. I had already traveled with Amelia crying the entire way down to Florida.
But surprise, surprise. Amelia was a great traveler. She jumped on her father and I all flight, screaming with happiness and very content, playing with her toys and everything she could get her hands o, on that very dirty plane. Half an hour before landing, she fell asleep.
A very small part of me wanted her to puke on that rude lady. Scream in her ear for 2 and a half hours. Part of me wants to describe the woman to a t and tell you what flight I was on, so if whoever reads this and recognizes her, can tell her how insensitive she is and that she will probably die alone. I know, that's a little harsh.

As I said, I was probably her at one point. We all have been, I'm sure. We see the baby come in the plane and we pray to the Saint of Impossible Things to please, please let the family sit at the back of the plane. But I was always aware that it was going to be harder on his/her parents and that poor child than on me. I had my magazines and my ipod. They had to deal with a screaming baby that couldn't help but feel cooped up in that tiny seat.

I wish I didn't have to travel with a baby, but my family lives far away and I want my child to get to know them. Hell, I see know reason why I have to justify my flying. That woman was rude and I just thought I would share that with you. I now belong to the other side of the plane, the one that resents rude comments and welcomes anyone who smiles at my kid.