Thursday, August 14, 2008

The bumper and the pacifier

At 4AM today (that's the time I get up for work, but don't pitty me, I was going to a Country Club for Golf lessons,  not to cover a murder), I checked on Amelia. There she was, face buried in the bumper, body almost spooning the fluffy cushion that surrounds her crib. If she wasn't ten months old, she would be a poster child of how  not to lay your baby down.  I go in to check on her breathing every time I see her through the video monitor (the best gadget ever!) in that position. I am afraid of SIDS, although she's not at risk anymore, but I don't dare mover her because I'm more afraid to wake her up.  That has proven to be the beginning of the end.

Ever since she learned how to self sooth that is how she finally  falls asleep. Some nights (more than I care to admit) she cries for about 30 minutes, throwing herself all over the crib like a defeated wrestler, and as soon as she finds her spot on the bumper. ZZZZZZZZZZ

So I've decided that if this is what she needs to fall asleep until she knows better, I'll leave that bumper on. Even if she's 15, I'll buy her a four post bed and tie the bumper to it.  I think I'm more attached than she is.

I'm also attached, well, addicted to the pacifier.  As soon as she was born, I gave to her and she took.  I don't know what I would've done without it. Really, how do you do it if your baby doesn't like it. My theory is that it will be easier to throw out the pacifier, than cut her finger if she would've gotten in the habit of sucking it. 

My friend Veronica, who always has good tips for me (usually from her Motherland Mexico) was ready with advice about how to break Amelia's habit. Before she could finish the sentence, I barked at her. "There is no need to break that habit. I'M NOT READY TO BREAK THE HABIT.
Like Cheerios, the pacifier is my go to solution. Amelia doesn't take it all the time, but when she wants it, the timing is perfect.  

The pacifier can be a toy or a snooze button. And here's an admission that many will hate, I put three of them in her crib at night to help her go to sleep. Actually, maybe I put them there to help ME go to sleep. Ay Mama. 

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