Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A size and a half smaller

Amelia is a tall girl. Almost three feet at 18 months. She outgrows clothing like the jolly green giant and I'm always on top of that. Her feet...well , that's another story. We bought her 2 pairs of those expensive shoes "that will make her walk better" last December. She was a 5 1/2 wide. From then on, my shoe quest continued with that number as my guiding light. I love shoes so I pride myself in keeping Amelia up with the latest styles, except her pudgy feet won't cooperate.

Hence, she's been living in her good shoes for a while. But now it seems it was for far too long. We went to one of the children shoe Mecca's, Nordstrom, to get our girl sized. As soon as the beautiful Croatian sales lady took one look at her feet stuck in her way too expensive Ecco sneakers, she said "those don't fit her".

At home they looked fine but in the Nordstrom's light Amelia's feet looked like stuffed sausages. The moment of truth hapenned when she put her little foot on the measuring "scale". Amelia was almost a 7W and she was wearing 51/2W shoes. I thought the sales lady was going to call DCFS on us. She almost hit us when she gave us the news.

In hindsight, Amelia likes to be barefoot a lot. Tight shoes from her neglectful parents might have been the problem. The good news is that she left Nordstrom's with two nice pairs of shoes, moderately expensive, but that fit her perfectly. She is very lucky to have a grandma that will subsidise her shoe needs. I have to go return 2 pairs of cute sandals to GAP and Target. Ay Mama!

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Anonymous said...

My dear cousin,

As a "trained" kid's shoe fitter (I have a certificate and all) allow me to shed some light, in case the lady from Nordstrom didn't (I doubt it). On the training I learned that kids feet are like "jello" I believe until the age of three or five (can't remember which). Their joints don't fuse until then. Which means that you can stuff them into any shoe, and they will "conform" to its shape. And as you can probably guess, this is how, and when, feet get deformed. When I worked in shoes, the Clark's shoes people had the best poster. It was the photo of a little girl standing and her feet were an old lady's feet with bunion's and all. No need to panic, but this is the time to look after those cute little feet so they are cute forever!!!