Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is everyone pregnant?

Amelia and I went to Gymboree the other day for their open Gym session. Amelia went directly to this rolling platform, sat on it and pointed at the rope. I started pulling my precious cargo, when a boy decided to join her. I look up at his mom to see if it's OK that I take her son for a ride, and notice she was visibly pregnant. Then another boy got on the wagon and his mother was expecting as well.  A third child hopped on and I said, "sure, I'll pull you guys around. Everyone else is pregnant."  The latter boy's mother says, "that's funny I'm three months pregnant".  I looked around and almost every mother I could see had a belly.  So for 15 minutes, I did my duty and pulled those kids around the Gym. 

Better them than me.  I thought I wanted two in a row, but now even number two is in question. It's like this, when Amelia sleeps well I'm all for it. When she doesn't, I can't even imagine going through sleepless nights again. And these women having virtual twins...Wow! Hats off to them and their mental sanity.  They can always count on me to pull their oldest ones around the Gym. Ay Mama!


lynnie said...

I completely feel you on this one. It seems like most of the girls I used to hang out with are now pregnant! Even my boyfriend's sister is pregnant. My mother is pressuring me to give her a baby - even though she wants me to get married first and I keep telling her there is no ring on my finger.

Ana Belaval said...

I love that. Your mom wants you to give her a baby. Unless she's getting up several times a night to feed him or her and spend the next few years running after him or her---tell her to back off. Only you know when you want a baby. I don't say that you'll ever be ready but you will know when you want a child.

Thanks for reading.