Friday, October 3, 2008

Let her eat cake!

There will be a cake, and gifts and play but there will be no huge birthday party. This might turn you off this blog but I have to be honest, I don't believe in big first birthday parties. And the more I discuss it with other parents, many agree it ends up being more for the grown ups and the older kids that you invite than about the birthday child.

For Amelia everyday is a party so this one isn't any different. She loves playing with kids her age and frankly, we don't know that many. My worry was that she would be overwhelmed and lost trying to follow her "much older friends and cousins".

That doesn't mean she won't be celebrated. It's 10AM and she's already heard the birthday song three times. This afternoon she has a play date with her friend Ellie where cupcakes will be had by all. And tomorrow we have the official cake at her grandparents house for the first year photo.

In the interest of full disclosure, kids birthday parties have never been my thing. I have to say this because my cousins who have children older than mine read the blog and probably think I will make my daughter suffer for my allergy to 60 kids in a pool of balls at Chuck E Cheese. I have avoided their kids birthday parties because I didn't have kids. I honestly don't know a lot of child less couples who enjoy an afteroon at a kids birthday party. But I know, revenge is sweet and Amelia is going to love birthday parties and Chuck E Cheese and so will I. After all, I'm starting to dig Gymboree.

Maybe next year when Amelia can run after other kids, we will expand the birthday or I'll follow my friends Robin's advise and wait until Amelia actually asks for the party.


Anonymous said...

Felicidades to Amelia and to you and your husband as well. Los hijos son la dulzura de la vida.

Ana Belaval said...

Si lo son. Muchas gracias.


Anonymous said...

Hay Ana,

Are you having fun yet? Remember me.
I have a friend from Chicago who came to visit and was talking to me about your segment and how fun and hip it is.
Until later in our conversation, I notice he was talking about my Ana the one who I worked with and love. Girl how time fly’s I remember when I saw you again at Despierta 10 anniversary with your little belly and now you are celebrating Amelia 1st b-day. How is el gringo de la Bachata? Anyway, here is my e-mail so we can keep talking and keeping in touch

Love to hear from you.

Keep having fun.

Lots of love and besitos